International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women across the globe. This year, the theme is #BeBoldForChange! This is a call for all of us to take bold actions and make to make the world a more ‘gender inclusive’ place. International Women’s Day is a reminder for all of us- men and women to actively take part in closing the gender parity gap.

Aikansia Muro is a Senior Manager responsible for projects in the Loan Center department at NMB. Her 10 years career in banking have been shaped by challenges (or rather opportunities) that she never backed away from. Here’s her journey: She began her career in NMB 10 years ago as a Product Officer SME& Agribusiness unit. On 2010, NMB embarked in the project to implement its new core banking system- Flexcube; she was among the selected Project Leads. Thereafter, she was relocated to Kilombero Branch for a year. After a year of service, Management established Loan Centre and saw fit that she act as a Senior Manager of the department which later paved a way for her to be promoted to a position of Senior Manager Loan Centre Projects a position she now holds. Her career journey demonstrates how Aikansia grabbed each challenge and opportunity and allowed those experiences to strengthen her character and skills. Most importantly, she took bold actions to accept every little opportunity that was presented to her and in the process, she learnt to boldly perfect her craft as her career progressed. #BeBoldForChange

Setting New Year goals is the ‘easy’ part. During the end of the year most of us seem to have a bust of positive energy to create New Year’s resolutions or goals that we never really see them through. Overwhelmed with this excitement for a particular moment gradually withers away with time. A moment of euphoria when setting goals is good but most importantly having a focused approach and the will power to achieve the goals is better.